Our Research Areas

The Broward Bond Oversight Committee

Superintendent Robert Runcie asked Florida TaxWatch to provide research and analyses to the bond oversight committee to aid them in effective oversight of the bond process. In our limited role performing a watchdog function, Florida TaxWatch will produce and present a research report on industry and national “best practices” to help the committee lay the foundation for its oversight of the bond-funded capital outlay program.

Learn more about the Oversight Committee, and the role Florida TaxWatch will serve.

TaxWatch Centers of Excellence

The Florida TaxWatch research staff includes experts in all key areas of Florida's governments. To harness the knowledge and experience of our volunteer leaders, the TaxWatch Centers of Excellence are guided by Advisory Boards comprised of Florida's best and brightest in the areas of business, law, civic leadership, and public policy. 

Center for Competitive Florida

Chairman: Senator George LeMieux

The Center evaluates state government fiscal policies; researches economic, demographic and other trends that affect economic competitiveness; and makes policy recommendations that enhance Florida's ability to compete successfully to assure Florida’s continued economic growth, security, and sustainability.


Center for Educational Performance & Accountability

Chairman: David Mann

The Center's research addresses the challenges facing Florida’s pre-K-16 education system and makes recommendations to improve both the quality and cost-effectiveness of this essential government service, and large expenditure in Florida’s state budget.


Center for Florida Citizenship

Chairman:  Governor Bob Martinez

Housing the Florida Citizenship Institute, the TaxWatch Center for Florida Citizenship conducts research that helps to form a more educated and informed electorate. Among other publications, the Center publishes "primers" on civics topics that will help everyday Floridians keep a sharp eye on their government.


Center for Government Efficiency

Chairman: John R. Alexander
Vice Chairman: Robert Stork

The Florida TaxWatch Center for Government Efficiency conducts research and produces policy recommendations that can help reduce taxpayer costs in both the short and long term, maximize taxpayer value and the efficient delivery of essential services, and create a more productive, innovative, and accountable government for all Floridians. 


Center for Health & Aging

Chairman:  Samira K. Beckwith

The Florida TaxWatch Center for Health and Aging conducts research and analysis that quantifies the fiscal and economic impacts of current and proposed policies across the health care and aging spectrum to help shape policy discussions.  


Center for Smart Justice

Co-Chairs:  General Bob Butterworth & Secretary Wansley Walters

The Center provides metric-driven research to help reduce costs while enhancing public safety.  Areas of study focus on sentencing, diversion, intermediate sanctions, alternatives to incarceration, support for evidenced based recidivism reduction programs, and recommendations for contract oversight and accountability.

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TEL: 850.222.5052     |     FAX: 850.222.7476